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Chase & Chase Enterprise invests in and develops real estate for the collective prosperity of our partners and the communities in which we work. Through a value investment philosophy and authentic engagement, we create spaces that foster long-term positive impact while creating value for all of our stakeholders.

We are investors and operators with a geographic focus and expertise across product types: office, residential, retail, hotel, and industrial. We focus on assets that can benefit from entitlement, development, renovation, repositioning, and/or improved management. We monitor market cycles to identify and execute compelling investment opportunities for our array of partners, including university endowments, foundations, and family offices.


Chase & Chase Enterprise approaches its acquired properties as long-term investments and aims to maximize returns by revitalizing and adding value to properties through the progressive, data-driven implementation of renovation or reposition strategies, focused management, and leasing and capital programs shaped and made more efficient by new technologies.

Our approach is from the point of view of our property owners. For most owners, it can be almost impossible to get a vendor to respond at a moment’s notice when there is a problem and something needs to be resolved or a face-to-face repair, even though it is from a referral. We are here to serve multifamily properties and are available to both you and your tenants 24/7. We have an open-door policy, and we keep you fully up to date on your property’s status.


We use only our staff of tested and reliable suppliers to make timely and cost-effective repairs should there be a problem. One minor error could cost you thousands, and Chase & Chase Enterprise’s multifamily management services protect you from having the daunting job of having to keep track of the convoluted and ever-changing state laws and regulations. We guarantee that you are in compliance and have the expertise and capacity to enforce safeguarding policies, your tenants, and your rent roll.


At Chase & Chase Enterprise, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of Property Management. Chase & Chase Enterprise has been widely recognized as trailblazers in our field, and we continue to raise the bar in multi-family management services. Our knowledge, contacts and expertise ensure that your investment yields  a high return and increases in value simultaneously.